Youth, High School, Collegiate and Professional Sports Careers

It is challenging to build a successful sports career that can  provide a life time of skills and great memories. Challenging but not  impossible when the proper strategies are followed. Too many sports families are moving blindly, without direction, through the highly  competitive sports world. Here you can find the insider information that will propel and guide an athlete through the rigors and  excitement of their sports journey. You will gain an understanding of the sports psychology needed to motivate athletes to succeed.  Parents and coaches will learn how to communicate effectively with the athlete and each other. ThinkFirstSports® provides a plan to guide any athlete, coach or parent through the basic to advanced strategic skills that are necessary for success at any level in the sports world.

Today there are over 40 million youth playing sports in the United States. More time is spent on the playing fields of America than in the classrooms. Athletes, on the average, are spending more face time with their coaches and sport, than with their teachers and parents. Playing a sport is no longer an extra curricular activity, it is a career!  That career can span from kindergarten to a full ride through college and a potential professional run. But even if a youth athlete doesn't make the big leagues, the personal growth and life skills learned on the playing field's of their developmental years are worth the equivalent of any professional career.

It is estimated that upwards of 70% of high school students are on some type of sports team, in school or out. ThinkFirstSports is dedicated to helping athletes and their families build sports careers that produce results. It's not if a youth will play sports, it is how worthwhile will their experience be?

It is estimated that billions are spent on the pursuit of sports careers. Today it is required to make the financial and time investment necessary to produce a good sports outcome. Don't waste time or money on bad strategies or misconceptions. ThinkFirstSports provides the "how to" make a sports career, not only successful, but filled with personal fulfillment and enjoyment, for the athlete and their entire family. 

Parents, coaches and athletes can all learn to work together to think about how to produce a sports career that will build strong futures and healthy sports communities.