We are located in the Philadelphia tri-state area and service Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, for appointments at our locations.  Phone consultation can be made by contacting: 610 805 3463 and paid for through PayPal, from anywhere in the USA.

At ThinkFirstSports, you will learn scientifically proven concepts to identify roadblocks, craft personal solutions and realize immediate results.

Our sports based strategies and thought processes are transferrable to all aspects of life.

Once learned, these powerful, yet simple tools, cannot be unlearned.

Our Seminars and Workshops Include:  

Thinking Like An Athlete”

Positive Thinking, Resilience and Overcoming Adversity

“Building Your Own Playbook”

Setting Strategy and Achieving Goals

“Communication for Competitors”

Lead yourself and others toward greater understanding and shared success.



  • Goal Setting for Results
  • Leadership and Making a Difference on the Team
  • Resilience and Rebounding from Set-Backs and Defeats
  • Political and Communication Strategies for dealing with the Team and the Coach 
  • Skill Level Assessment and Practice Schedules
  • Critical Thinking About Rules of the Game and Strategies for Competition
  • Problem Solving on and off the Field 
  • Emotional Regulation for effectively dealing with "Heated Situations"
  • Self Discipline
  • Motivation for Practice and Game Time
  • Passion and How to Develop it

These custom designed programs are formulated not just to teach skills, but to build YOUTH SPORTS CAREERS. ThinkFirstSports® will first teach athletes how to set goals effectively. Most plans fail due to mismanaged goals. The athlete will then learn how to, realistically, execute a plan for optimum achievement, in all areas of development, physical, emotional and mental. Most importantly, the athlete will learn to engage their mind to use as their own secret weapon for success. The net effect of following the program is forward motion and success.

It all starts with the thought process!

Initial Consultation/ 30 minutes:

I. Monthly Programming for Sports Careers:

LEVEL I - for children ages 5-9, Pee Wee league and Beginner Travel

LEVEL II - ages 10-14 - Middle School and Travel Athletes

LEVEL III- High School Competitive Athletes, AAU, Travel, and College Bound

II.  Strategies for Parents:  Individual Programs and Consultations.

III.  Coaching Strategies: Individual Programs and Consultation.

Call to schedule individual and group sessions: 610 805 3463